Therapeutic Solutions

Fear and Anxiety

The metaphors about “Fear and Anxiety” are indicated to the ones looking for psychotherapy with typical symptoms of anxiety disorders, fear, and phobias. They are usually people who have:

  • Automatic Negative Thoughts

  • Excessive worry and rumination

  • Immediacy and Impatience

  • Perfectionism and necessity of control

  • Difficulty to relax

  • Necessity of predict situations

  • Catastrophic Thoughts

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What if...What if...What if...

This kind of thoughts won't bring you anywhere! 




 Don't stick to anything that makes you shrink.


The metaphors about “self-confidence” are indicated to teenagers and adults looking for psychotherapy to overcome insecurities, increase self-esteem and become more assertive. They are usually people who have:

  • Extreme need for approval and recognition

  • Fear of changing

  • Accentuated self-criticism

  • Difficulty setting limits, saying "no" and being assertive

  • Fear of making a mistake

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Sometimes, something must break in order for something new to emerge. 


The metaphors about “Overcoming and Resilience” are indicated to the ones looking to solve professional obstacles or relationship difficulties. Also indicated to the ones going through hard times as broken relationships, diseases, or loss of loved ones. They are usually people who have:

  • Lack of perseverance when facing obstacles

  • Negativism and fear of risking

  • Fear of new situations and tendency to homeostasis

  • Focus on the past and the "if I had done this..." syndrome

  • Difficulty dealing with mistakes and overcoming them

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Overcoming and Resilience


Consolidating Changes

Go... And go always, 


The metaphors about “Consolidating Changes” are indicated to the ones that have completed the therapeutic process, but need a reinforcement when it comes to therapeutic accomplishments. Are metaphors with the intention of: 

  • Keep the focus on the solutions

  • Value the therapeutic achievements

  • Stimulate positive thoughts and emotions

  • Reinforcing self-confidence and assertiveness

  • Reinforce resilience

112 Metaphors
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