Com toda certeza!  As metáforas foram elaboradas para atuar como um reforçador das intervenções feitas em consultório ao mesmo tempo em que permitem ao terapeuta criar novas intervenções.
O terapeuta pode passar tarefas, criar induções hipnóticas, intervenções verbais, além de acompanhar os insights e temas que surgem a partir do conteúdo metafórico.

What are the StarJunto Metaphors?

The StarJunto metaphors are one innovative therapeutic invention, that act by facilitating, boosting and intensifying both: the process of “healing” and the changes that people look for in their lives through the psychotherapy.


The writing and visuals metaphors, fortify the link between the therapist and their clients promoting and helping the behavioral changes proposed in the clinic.


The mechanism is the virtual partner of the therapists, because it helps the clients to stay focused on the change, stimulating the treatment, in a more effective, short and personalized way.

How can I acquire the Metaphors?

To what type of therapy should I use the StarJunto metaphors?

The metaphors are part of all human communication, therefore, they can be present in any psychotherapeutic approach.

If you are a therapist who cares to provide to your clients the conditions to quickly overcome their emotional difficulties and to perform effectively, then StarJunto metaphors can be part of your work.

How are the Metaphors send?

The therapist chooses the right Therapeutic Solution for the client, acquires the service, and the patient starts receiving the metaphors through the phone for 112 days. 

Will the therapist know that the metaphors are being sent?

What is the differential of the StarJunto Metaphors?

StarJunto metaphors were carefully crafted by a team of psychologists with extensive experience in psychotherapy and based on consistent psychotherapeutic theories and techniques: Cognitive Therapy, Hypnosis-Ericksonian Therapy, and Positive Psychology.

In each therapeutic demand, the metaphors have symbols, language, images, and a logical sequence that assists the therapist in the process of recovery of emotional well being of the patients. 

StarJunto is a digital therapeutic intervention designed to support the work of the therapist, stimulate insights, and promote moments of daily reflections and transformations. 

Who assumes the payment of the metaphors?  

This matter is a discretion of each therapist. Some therapists include the investment of the metaphors in the appointment's price and others, delegate to the client the payment of the Therapeutic Solution selected. 

What is the benefit of using the StarJunto Metaphors?

By using the StarJunto metaphors, the therapist creates a differential on his or her job. The therapy becomes a continuous process, even outside of the appointments. The therapy has better results and the professional is valued.

Those in therapy can feel the presence and the care of the therapist on a daily basis. The symbolic and cognitive powers of the metaphors connect the client with their feelings, induces breakthroughs, and drives behavioral changes. It's an everyday therapy!

The Therapist will receive in advance, an email containing a list of the metaphors that are being sent to the clients. Knowing beforehand the content of the metaphors, making it possible to plan the therapeutic process more efficiently.

1st Step- The Therapist identify which Therapeutic Solution is the right one for the client, based on their necessities.

2nd Step- The therapist sign one Therapeutic Solution for each client.  

3rd Step- Sign up on the StarJunto, with absolute professional privacy. And start to get the metaphors.

4th Step- Each Solution gives the client 112 days of treatment, making it brief and efficient.

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