Therapy beyond the office

The therapist chooses the right Therapeutic Solution for the client, acquires the service, and the patient starts receiving the metaphors through the phone. For 16 weeks the content creates, to the client, daily moments of reflection and help focusing on the changes proposed at the clinic. 

With absolute professional privacy, the client receives a metaphor daily. For 112 days, the Therapeutic Metaphors act naturally in the unconscious, like homeopathic “pills.”

The client can add comments to the metaphors, this way the therapist can analyze the process and get to know the patient's thoughts even without an appointment. In addition, the therapist also receives in advance the same metaphors sent to the clients. 

The first group of metaphors will contribute to the formation of the therapeutic affinity and strengthen the client's commitment to the changes proposed at the clinic. The metaphors will facilitate the connections, expression of feelings, and expand the therapist's ability to perform interventions. Finally, the last group is programmed to consolidate changes and strengthen the patient's self-confidence over the demand worked. 

How it works